Stone Wall Rebuilding & Restoration

If you’ve got an older stone wall on your home or business’ property and it is beginning to fall apart, you’ve got a problem on your hands. Stone walls naturally degrade and deteriorate over time, but for the beauty of your property and the safety of those on it, you’ll want to get that stone wall rebuilt and refurbished. In Chambersburg, PA, and the surrounding counties, the one name you can trust when it comes to stone wall rebuilding and refurbishment is Poor Boys’ Enterprises.


Stonemasonry is an ancient art and skill, passed down through the generations right up to today. As those older generations retire, though, fewer and fewer skilled stonemasons exist out in the world. But what is stonemasonry? Simply put, it is the process of shaping and using stones along with mortar to construct walls, buildings, and more. Stonemasons use mallets, chisels, metal straight edges, and masonry trowels to shape stones and mortar into flat surfaces. Modern technology has obviously improved stonemason’s tools and procedures for constructing or rebuilding stone walls and structures. Still, the methods for stonemasonry remain mostly unchanged from the days it was used to build the Great Wall of China or the Pyramids at Giza.

Stone Wall Rebuilding

At Poor Boys’ Enterprises, we take great pride in rebuilding and refurbishing aging stone walls and structures. Though we use modern methods, we view each stone wall or structure as a puzzle left for us by the original stonemason. In refurbishing stone walls and structures, we take great care to stick with the original structure’s planning and integrity and attempt to rebuild it, so it looks like it did the day it was initially completed. Our attention to detail and a keen eye for preserving historical structures make Poor Boys’ Enterprises unmatched in our field. Whether you are in Gettysburg, PA, Hagerstown, MD, or Loudon County, VA, Poor Boys’ Enterprises can come to you and get your stone wall or structure looking great again.

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As a family-owned business, Poor Boys’ Enterprises has stood the test of time. Started back in 1988, our tradition of excellence is as unchanged as the stonemason’s methods. Our efforts at historical preservation of stone walls and structures haven’t gone unnoticed by our loyal customers, and we would like to count you among their ranks. If you have a stone wall or structure that needs some attention, make an appointment with Poor Boys’ Enterprises today.

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