Stone Foundation Repair

A substantial stone foundation is an integral part of your historic home or business’ structural integrity. If you’ve noticed cracks in your stone foundation, mortar decay, or even some gentle sloping, you may require stone foundation repair. This complicated, delicate procedure shouldn’t be trusted to just any old restoration company. In Chambersburg, PA, and the surrounding areas, you’ll want the seasoned pros at Poor Boys’ Enterprises to help out with your stone foundation repair.

Stone Foundations

A stone foundation is generally made of large stones and the mortar that holds them together, much like a stone wall. Though not seen as much in newer buildings, stone foundations were a popular choice for structures constructed pre-WWI. These days, you’ll find stone foundations mostly in older farmhouses or historical buildings. Usually constructed from non-uniform sandstone or limestone pieces, stone foundations are aesthetically pleasing and generally reliable and sturdy.

Stone Foundation Problems

Most of the problems we see with historical stone foundations center around mortar decay and water leakage. They are over 100 years old, after all. The symptoms of a stone foundation in need of repair included cracked plaster, sloping floors, or general dampness of the stone in the foundation. A quick visual check can usually reveal bulging, bowing, or shifting stone, and these repairs need to be handled by an experienced professional stonemason.

Stone Foundation Repair

Due to their age, stone foundations aren’t something you see very often. But if you’ve got one that needs repairs, you need to call the experts at Poor Boys’ Enterprises. Stonemasonry is an ancient art passed down through the generations, and this work needs can’t be handled by your average foundation repair or waterproofing company. Poor Boys’ Enterprises have a keen eye for historical preservation as well as stonemasonry, so not only can we repair your stone foundation, we can make it look like the day it was constructed.

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Poor Boys’ Enterprises, formed in 1988, has taken the ancient art of stonemasonry and elevated it to a modern art. We have the skills you need to deal with any stone foundation problems in your historical building or structure, an increasingly difficult thing to find these days. If you suspect your stone foundation is in need of repair, contact Poor Boys’ Enterprises today.

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