Stone & Brick Repointing

Older buildings and homes were built to last, but the materials used are what was available at the time. However solid those materials are, there’s natural decay over time and they don’t last forever without restoration and maintenance.

The stone and brick foundations and chimneys of older homes and businesses suffer this natural decay over time and require repointing to maintain their structural integrity. If you own an older building or home with a stone or brick foundation or chimney that needs repointing, you need a specialist in historic masonry work. That specialist in Chambersburg, PA and the surrounding area for brick and stone repointing is Poor Boys’ Enterprises.

What is Stone & Brick Repointing?

Stone and brick structures are held together by a mortar to hold them together and seal the gaps. The process of applying mortar to brick and stone structures is called pointing. Repointing is the process of redoing or repairing the pointing material to restore the structural integrity and appearance of brick or stone structures.

Masonry work on older and historic homes and buildings requires unique knowledge of the materials used and experience with this kind of restoration. Poor stone and brick repointing on older structures can threaten their structural integrity and historical value. Poor Boys’ Enterprises has over 32 years of experience working to restore and repoint the foundations, walls, and chimneys of historic buildings.

Why Historical Building Repointing Experience Matters

Repointing the stone and brick foundations, walls, and chimneys on historic buildings and homes requires specialized knowledge of the construction methods and masonry and mortar materials used in the original construction. This knowledge and experience is a specialization you won’t find in most masonry contractors.

Repointing the stone and brick masonry of older structures is very different from building new walls, foundations, and chimneys using modern materials. The mason performing the restoration is working with stone, bricks, and historical mortar blend material using different construction methods and components.

It’s only through specialized study and experience with these older materials and how they work together that the structural integrity can be maintained so the structure lasts a long time. Repointing brick and stone foundations, walls, and chimneys is about appearance as well as structural integrity.

Poor Boys’ Enterprises has the experience working with older masonry materials to match the restoration masonry and pointing material to the original materials. When restoration repointing work is performed that obviously doesn’t match the original materials, the newer work is obvious and detracts from the appearance and historical value.

The Right Choice For Historical Stone and Brick Repointing

You value the historical importance of your old building or home. You respect the construction methods and materials used to build it. Choosing the right contractor who shares your respect and has the skill and experience to perform stone and brick repointing is a big decision.

If you’re in the Chambersburg, PA area, Poor Boys’ Enterprises is the masonry contractor you want to perform the work. Contact us today and let us prove why.

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