Historical Stone Restoration

Living in Pennsylvania or Maryland, it is hard to find a home or building that doesn’t have some semblance of history to it. And honestly, that is one of the things that makes our state so beautiful. Poor Boys’ Enterprises is dedicated to the art of rebuilding and restoring historical buildings in order to preserve the history and beauty of the area, one job at a time. Working on both residential and commercial buildings, we offer unbeatable historical stone restoration in the tri-state area.

Stone Masonry

Stonemasonry is the breaking of stone into geometric shapes and then using the stones and mortar to build walls, chimneys, buildings, and other structures. Proper historical restoration requires trained and experienced stonemasons to ensure that the historical integrity of the structure is not compromised.

Poor Boys’ Enterprises has been in business since 1988 and is now in the hands of the second generation of family ownership. Not only was the business passed down from father to son, but also the art of stone masonry. We take so much pride in exhibiting the skill and art that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Brick & Stone Repointing

Repointing your brick or stone walls at the first sign of mortar damage is the best way to present further and irreparable damage. Brick and stone repointing is a big part of the stonemason and restoration services we provide at Poor Boys’ Enterprises. When we repoint a wall or building, we do so with precision, filling in gaps and solidifying the structure.

Stone Restoration

There is something so stunning about historical stone buildings and we want to preserve that history so that it can be enjoyed by future generations. We have performed extensive restorations in Pennsylvania and Maryland including the historical areas of Gettysburg and even the Antietam Battlefield. Our reputation is second to none and is based on the quality of work we are able to provide at a competitive price.

If you are the owner of a historic barn, home, business, spring house, or other outdoor structure and would like to restore it to its former glory, contact Poor Boys’ Enterprises today to schedule an estimate and see what we have to offer.

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