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Poor Boys’ Masonry was established in 1988 by my father, Joseph Petre. He operated the company as a sole proprietor and focused on residential and commercial masonry work.

The company was started in Keedysville, MD and later moved to the Greencastle, PA area. This meant that there were many historical structures in the area where he conducted business. As the years progressed he developed his skill in stone masonry and Poor Boys’ gained a reputation in the local repointing and restoration industry.

By the time I joined the company straight out of high school, repointing and restoration made up a good portion of the work we did. Dad kept the company small so that he could work side by side with my brothers and I. This one on one tutoring was very valuable in teaching us the skills he had gained.

Dad and I formed a partnership in 2013 and changed the company name to Poor Boys’ Enterprises LLC. In 2019 he received a job offer as a sales rep in an industry where his knowledge of masonry made him an ideal candidate. We both decided I was ready to take over the company as I had been involved in the day to day decision making as his partner.

Pennsylvania and Maryland have a rich history of stone and brick architecture dating back into the 1700’s.

Over the years we have had the opportunity to work on many wonderful projects all over Maryland and Pennsylvania including the historical areas of Gettysburg and the Antietam Battlefield.

Dad’s business model was to provide quality work at a competitive value to the customer. As the managing partner of Poor Boys’, my goal is to continue to fulfill the same promises to our customers.

Thank you for visiting our website. I hope you’ll take the time to browse through the gallery of projects we’ve completed recently. If you have a home or barn in need of restoration, I would be happy to offer you the same promise of quality craftsmanship and competitive value that our customers have always enjoyed.

Lynwood Petre

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